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Jilin Province boasts thriving cultural undertakings. Represented by Changbai Mountain and black soil cultures, the well-established and characteristic Jilin's regional cultures emit rich atmosphere of Northeast China.  

Jilin Province is well-known as "Hometown of China's Er Ren Zhuan (a genre of local folk dance and song from Northeast China)", "Hometown of China's Traditional Folk Arts", "Hometown of China's Modern Folk Paintings", "Hometown of China's Pipa (a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard)", "Hometown of China's Songhua Inkstone" and "Hometown of China's Shamanic Cultures". The "Program of Revitalizing Jilin Opera" kicks off.  

Changchun Film Studio is the cradle of Chinese movies. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Changchun Film Studio has shot numerous excellent and classic movies, supplied batches of business backbones for national film studios and film & television agencies, and forged generations of famous film artists. The "White-haired Girl", "Tung Tsun-Jui", "Heroic Sons and Daughters", "Battle of Triangle Hill", "The Daughter of The Party", "Visitors On The Icy Mountain", "Five Golden Flowers", "Men of a Certain Age", "The Birth of New China" and other excellent feature films are so moving and have a profound impact.  

In recent years, Changchun Film Studio has accelerated reform and innovation and achieved the all-round development of revitalizing the film industry. Now it has established distinctive film industry ecosystem and business model, and brought about a new pattern which specializes in film making and integrates film tourism, film processing, film trade and film media. Changchun Film Festival has become an important platform for thriving Chinese film making, carrying forward the Chinese national cultures and promote the Chinese and foreign cultural exchange.  

Currently, there have been 78 cultural stations, 39 performing art troupes, 66 public libraries and 73 museums. The television coverage of the population across the province's is 98.71%.  

Since the advent of the new era, cultural industry of Jilin Province has been growing fast and enjoys nationwide reputation for its outstanding superiorities and remarkable achievements. "Jilin Song and Dance", "Jilin Movie and TV Play", Jilin "Er Ren Zhuan", "Jilin Cartoon", "Jilin Book" and "Jilin Journal" are cultural brands with rich local characteristics, quickly making a big name across the country. National Rural Theme Film-making Base and Foundation are also built in Changchun Film Studio. The province has made great achievements in literary and artistic creation, and quality works are emerging constantly. A great number of excellent works have been honored the National "Five One-good Project" Awards. Jilin Provincial Northeast Wind Song and Dance Duet Art Troup, the first private cultural enterprise in Jilin Province, has been designated by the Ministry of Culture as "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base". In the province, the state-owned literature and art troupes have fully completed the staged task of reforms and the establishment of cultural industry group is taking shape. Jishi Media succeeds in listing. In recent years, added value of cultural industry has been growing by 20%, surpassing the province's GDP growth. The province's cultural industry is demonstrating unheard of vigor and vitality and becoming a new point of economic growth.  

"Er Ren Zhuan"  

"Er Ren Zhuan", also known as "Beng Beng" or "Bao Zi Xi", is evolved from Northeast Yangge, Northeast folk song and lotus rhyme. It has a history of more than 200 years in Jilin Province, and its singing style has been visualized into "9 arias, 18 tunes and 72 hollers", enjoying a great popular among the masses. Many northeasterners in China are so crazy about Er Ren Zhuan that they are even willing to give up a meal for enjoying the show. Primary types include "Solo", "Er Ren Zhuan" and "La Chang Xi". In recent years, Jilin "Er Ren Zhuan" lays stress on the creation based on the folk languages of Northeast China and has formed the language features to be vivid, hot, strong, plain but saucy, and the way of expression that explains one thing with another, with distinctive comedy style.  

Over the past few years, folk art organizations represented by Changchun Heping Theater, Dongbeifeng Theater and Liu Laogen Big Stage Theater, gave birth to numerous artists and programs of "Er Ren Zhuan". The "Er Ren Zhuan" show every night enjoys a full house and seems overwhelming across the country.

(Updated to July 21, 2015) 
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