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Jilin Province boasts a strong strength in science and technology. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, scientific research institutions of Jilin has originated the research and development of synthetic rubber, microscope, optical glass, ruby laser, home-made Dongfeng car and Hongqi car, railway passenger car and subway electric motor coach, full-separation rare-earth element, high-resolution nuclear magnetic spectrum instrument and colored laser television. Jilin Province has a stronger competitiveness of science and technology in terms of automobiles, rail passenger cars, optics, applied chemistry, solid-state physics, electronic information technologies, biomedical technologies, new materials, scientific instrumentation, modern agriculture and modern Chinese medicine, and even remains at the leading edge in some fields. Jilin successively obtained a great number of achievements in key science and technology projects which relate to human insulin, soybean hybrids, hybrid electric vehicles, high-speed rail passenger cars, laser components and parts and new material Polyetheretherketone.  

Now, it has 23 CAS and CAE academicians. The province has built 12 national key laboratories, 3 provincial key laboratories co-built by Jilin Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology, 48 provincial key laboratories and 117 provincial science and technology innovation centers (including engineering technology research centers). Jilin Province owns a batch of national key scientific research institutions, such as Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP) – Chinese Academy and Chongchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. The level of Jilin in the comprehensive science and technology progress ranks the 16th place in the country.

 (Updated to July 21, 2015) 
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