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Jilin is a galaxy of higher educational institutes and talents and remains superior in education. Currently, there have been 58 ordinary colleges and universities in the province. The full-time students number 600,000. Gross enrollment ratio of higher education reaches 48%, 10 percentage point higher than the nation's average figure. The number of higher education institutions per one million people is 2.08 schools, ranking the 9th place nationwide; the number of school students per ten thousand people is 280 persons, ranking the 7th place nationwide; the number of undergraduate students account for 75.4% of total school college students, ranking the 2nd place nationwide; the number of graduate students account for 8.91% of total school students, ranking the 4th place nationwide; the number of postgraduate candidates account for 16.53% of the province's total, ranking the 9th place nationwide.  

Jilin University is a national key school under "Project 985" and "Project 211"; Northeast Normal University and Yanbian University are educational institutions under the national "Project 211". Changchun University of Science and Technology, Yanbian University, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine and Northeast Dianli University have been listed under the "2011" Program on Capacity Building of Higher Education Institutions in Central and Western China. Primary School Attached to Northeast Normal University and High School Attached to Northeast Normal University are famous schools across the country.

(Updated to July 21, 2015) 
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