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Novi Sad (Serbia)
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Novi Sad Introduction – Located in the north of Serbia and the middle part of Vojvodina province and left side of Danube, Novisad is reputed as the "Safeguard City" of Danube. Having an area of 69,913 hectare, Novi Sad consists of all together seven administrative regions. It is the capital of Vojvodina and the center of politics, culture, economy, technology, medical care and ecology of the province.

The industry of Novi Sad mainly includes metal smelting, petroleum and  chemical industry, food manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural manufacturing, textile, electronic appliance, pottery, wood products and so on. Agriculture is well known for rice and corn. In addition, it has relatively advanced institutions of agricultural resarch, which can foster improved variety of plants and fine breed of animals for export. Big enterprizes include Promit United Co., Vojvodina Agricultral Ltd. Slovica Center and Ziboda Led. Moreover, Novi Sad attached great importance to the protection of environment. In 1992, 12, the parliament of Novi Sad passed the declaration of "Novi Sad-the road to an ecological city" and thus made remarkable achievement in environmental protection.

Novi Sad is an open city. By far, it has become sister cities with many European cities. Changchun established the relationship of sister cities with Novi Sad on 1981, November 10. In the initial period, two cities carried out rich and varied exchanges in economy and trade and culture. However, after the civil war in Yugoslavia broke out, two cities once even broke off their mutual exchanges. As for the breakoff of exchanges, in line with our country's policies and guidelines, Changchun worked actively in order to resume the relationship of sister cities between the two sides as soon as possible. With the joint efforts of both sides, the mutual exchanges were increasing. In recent years, Novi Sad once sent sculptors to attend Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition. On August 23rd, 1998, the mayor of Novi Sad led a delegation to attend the Changchun International Sister City Mayor Conference.

Great Events

1981, 11, 10 two cities signed the contract on the establishment of sister cities.

1985,1 the president of Novi Sad Parliament led a delegation visited Changchun and reached agreement on the cooperation in the field of the processing of corn, the processing and disposal of seeds, the tapping and exploring of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

1998,8,23 the mayor of Novi Sad led a delegation to attend the Changchun International Sister City Mayor Conference.

2006.1 Mr. Maja Gojkovic, mayor of Novi Sad visited Changchun and attended the 12th Annual Conference of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors, which held in Changchun from January 13 to 18, 2006.

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