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Changchun and Montreuil became sister cities on May 6, 2008.
Montreuil, located in Paris île-de-France region, is one of the cities in Seine-Saint-Denis province. As an industrial region in the eastern suburbs of Paris, it covers an area of 100,000 square kilometers, and is 1.6 kilometer away from Paris. A subway line connects the two places. The population of Montreuil is over 100,000, making it the third largest city in Paris île-de-France.
The predominant industries in Montreuil are mainly engaged in textile, leader, and pottery as well as chemicals used for leader processing, computer-aided graphic design, TV signal transmission equipment, auto mould making, color printing, furniture making and food processing and so on.
Montreuil was a far-flung village back in 1818, basically known for planting of peach trees, and then a coating merchant named Sylvain Milori established the first industry here. Driven by export, the city is now able to supply 2000 tons of coating, ink and dye of different kinds.
Montreuil has 2,900 enterprises, making it a cradle for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. Its industrial foundation can even be traced back to 200 years ago, and talents in different fields have weaved an enterprise network. In addition, the enterprise-government cooperation in Montreuil is very close, with many remarkable achievements made in export in particular. Montreuil, backed up by many enterprises with innovative abilities in some top-end fields, has been making active efforts to popularize the new technologies.
The labor force population in Montreuil is approximately 49,794, accounting for 64.8% of the city’s total population. Its employment rate ranks the highest among the seven big cities in this region. The privately-run sectors have created 28,200 jobs, of which 20.5% are from industry, 9.3% from building industry, 70.2% from service industry and 10,500 are offered in the public utilities. In the visual art sector alone, 3,500 jobs have been offered by 350 enterprises. Of them, 100 are engaged in picture art, 50 in audio and video, 50 in media and advertisement, 60 in multimedia, 60 in photography and decoration, and 30 in printing and publishing. In order to expand employment and training, the city has established some vocational education institutions such as IUT, AFPA, GRETA ORT and AFCEP and so on. Trainings in such fields as electronics, architecture, biology, business and catering and so on are available now to meet different demands.
Montreuil is one of the cities in Paris île-de-France that have the best public facilities. Its transportation system has been furthered improved. The city has 240 restaurants, 3 movie theaters and over 40 fitness centers, which is able to provide the residents with colorful leisure and entertainment activities. Since the reconstruction of industrial region was started in 1986, Montreuil has rebuilt some 40 industrial architectures and factories totaling 300, 000 square meters.
The CGT is in Montreuil, and the city also has regular exchange and cooperation relationship with Eastern Europe, East Asia, South Asia and Russia and other places around the world.
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