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Minsk Introduction– Minsk is located in the eastern part of Europe. It is the capital and political, economic, technological and cultural center of Belarus. It is also the city where headquarter of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Minsk has an area of 158.7 square kilometers, and a population of 1,700,000. The terrain is generally smooth in spite of a few hills and highlands. The area belongs to mild continental climate. Due to the fact that Minsk has a high lattitude, winter is not as cold as people generally think and the average temperature of January is only -5 centigrade. Summer is not hot and the average temperature of July is only 18 centigrade. The annual precipitation of rain is 500-700 millimeters. Therefore, Minsk is a favorable city for people to live in.

Minsk was once one of the important industrial center of the former Soviet Union and now it is the industrial center of Belarus with its output value accounting for a quarter of the country's total. Of the output value, wool fabric makes up 80%. The manufacturing of machines and the processing of metal are highly advanced and are, therefore, the backbone industry of the country. The main products are trucks, tractors, motorcycles and so on. As for export, the machines manufactured for agriculture and husbandry are the key products. For example, the ---80 style tractor, produced in the tractor company enjoys heavily depend on importing from Russia and Ukraine.

The scientific development of Minsk keeps a fine tradition. After the October Revolution in 1917, the pace of the development of science and education was accelerated. In 1921, Minsk established the National University of Belarus, which was the base for fostering and training technical personnels. In 1922, the first technological center of the Republic, the Belarus Cultural Institute was founded in 1922. On this basis, in 1929, the Belarus Scientific Institute which enjoyed great reputation in Asian-European continent. Apart from these, there are more than 100 researching institutions in terms of physics, mathematics, nuclear, history and philosophy as well as 14 colleges in higher education including the University of Belarus, the Engineering Institute, National Economic College, and Faculty’s College, Medical Institute and so on. Besides the above mentioned universities and colleges, there are more than 170 schools of general education too. Moreover, a new technological and industrial area was constructed in Minsk.

On May, 18, 1992, Mayor Mi Fengjun, leading a delegation, visited Minsk. He signed the contract on the establishment of sister cities, and made the plan for the two cities' future exchanges. Due to the fact that Changchun and Minsk can make up for each other's deficiencies greatly, the friendly cooperation in the field of economy and trade developed quickly and both sides carried out substantial exchanges in many fields. The cooperation based on mutual benefits between the two cities still have great potentials to tap.

Great Events

-1992, 5, 18, Mayor of Changchun, Mr. Mi Fengjun, leading a delegation, visited Minsk. He signed the agreement on the establishment of sister cities.

-1993, 2 the mayor of Minsk led a delegation visited Changchun.

-1993, 7 the vice-mayor of Changchun, Mr. Xia Fulong led a delegation to visit Minsk.

-1995,10 the vice chairman of Changchun Political Consultant Committee led a delegation to visit Minsk, signing some cooperative items such as running Chinese restaurants in Minsk, and working together on the opening of the airline from Changchun to Minsk.

-1995, 12 Mayor of Minsk visited Changchun with a delegation and held talks with their counterpartners.

-1996, 5 the chairman of Changchun Political and Consultant Committee, Mr. Pei Ximin led a delegation visited Minsk.

-1996, 8 t he vice-minister of the Cultural Department of Belarus, leading a delegation, attended the Third Changchun Film Festival. The deputy secretary-general of the CPC Municipal Committee, Mr. Zhang Zhuming visited Minsk by leading a delegation.

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