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Windsor Introduction– Windsor is located in the southwestern corner of Ontario, Canada, it opposites to the famous automobile city, Detroit. Though a southern city, its latitude is even a little more to the north. It belongs to the temperate climate and the difference in its four seasons is distinct. Thanks to the Five Great Lakes, Wondsor is not rather cold in winter and not very hot in summer. Therefore, it is favorable for inhabitation. Having a population of 200,000, Windsor is the 11th largest city. The generally accepted languages are French and English. The districts and areas governed by Windsor are scattered including---. Located in the heart of North-America continent, Windsor enjoys a convenient traffic and it is the traffic artery of Canada's railway, highway, air traffic and waterway. The history of Windsor traced back to the 17th century. In 1858, it became a county and it was officially founded in 1892. Therefore, it has a history of more than 100 years. It enjoys a high reputation in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Windsor is one of the large industrial cities in the center area of North America. Its industries mainly include automobiles, medicine, chemical industry, pottery, and the processing of foods. Among them the production of automobiles and iron and steel is especially famous. A full series of spare parts of the automobiles can be produced. The technique of shock absorption is taking the lead in the world as a whole. In addition, the plastic oil tanks, which are made by means of blowing, are also well known. The export rate of the industrial products of Windsor is more than 85%.

Ford, a magnate of American automobile industry, established Ford Automobile Company in Detroit in 1901.

He soon set up another company in Windsor in Canada a year later, which was made the international head office of Ford Company until 1948. That suggested that all the companies that had connections with Ford were under the control of Windsor. Likewise, many subsidiaries were established one after another in Windsor by General Motors and Chrysler. Chrysler invested 2 billon dollars and set up its head office in Windsor. Windsor took hold of the chance and greatly developed its production of models, machinery industry and manufacture of automobiles. At present, there are about 100 factories in Windsor, which soon made it the third biggest center of production in Canada.

Windsor's iron & steel industry, related with automobiles, is also developed. A factory of iron & steel, in which 500,000,000 dollars were invested collectively by Windsor and Japan's Panasonics and NKK Company of Iron and Steel, provides raw materials for the three automobile companies. In addition, the sales in aluminum producing of Ford are promising. The main reason why Windsor is chosen by the world's large companies is due to its advantages in geographical location and its practice in free trade. Also it sits close to the American market, which makes it the largest trading center in North America. All of this contributes to Windsor's rapid increase in foreign trade volume, which accounts for its two-fifths share of the total volume in automobile trade of Canada and America.

Changchun began its cooperation with Windsor in 1990. These two cities are both recognized as cities of automobiles, so they share a lot of points and compliment each other in economy. They ever exchanged ideas over some programs. For example, by using the transforming of chassis produced by the First Automobile Plant, automobiles were transformed into grain tracks, cement trucks, and those that are used as coaches and trucks, garbage trucks and ambulances. Furthermore, these two cities signed a sister-city agreement on the basis of substantial contact on August 25, 1992. Since then, they have more frequently associated with each other. In Canada, Windsor has now become a steady partner of Changchun.

Great Events

- In August, 1992, Mr. Rick l, the vice mayor of Windsor as well as President of the Committee of International Relations, led a delegation to visit Changchun and attended the First Changchun Film Festival. He also signed an agreement of becoming sister cities with Changchun on August 25.

- In March 1994, Mr. Yi Weishuai, vice mayor of Changchun, led a delegation of automobile industry to visit Windsor and met with people of various circles, visited automobile plants and reached an agreement on cooperation in various projects.

- In September 1995, Mr. Pei Xinmin, President of Municipal Political Consultative Conference, led a delegation to visit Windsor. A further discussion on cooperation in those items was made.

- In May 1996, Mr. Harold G, Dean of International Department of St. Kelei College in Windsor, came to Changchun. He negotiated for establishing sister relations with Jilin Polytechnics University and arranging training personnel exchange.

- In August 1996, Mr. Davy K, a Senator of Windsor, came to Changchun as the head of a delegation to present at the 3rd Changchun Film Festival and participate in large economic activities. The Friendly Contact Plan for Windsor and Changchun in 1997 was signed during that period.

- In 1999, the municipal government of Windsor gave 600 Canadian samplings to Changchun as a gift, which have settled down and grown up.

- In 1999, Masterton set up a training center of New Zealand's cows and bulls kept for covering.

- In June 2000, Mr. Chang Xiaoping, vice Secretary General of Municipal Committee, led a delegation to International Freedom Festival and Canada Day in Windsor.

- In September 2001, a delegation led by the vice mayor of Windsor, Mr. Eddy Francis, visited Changchun and attended Changchun Automobile Fair.

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