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Little Rock(U.S.A.)
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Little Rock Introduction – Little Rock is in the mid southern part of America, the west of the Mississippi. It is in the same latitude as Shanghai. It is an important political, economic, cultural and communications center in the American central part. It occupies an area of 7,770 square kilometers with a population of 200,000. It is also the hometown of American ex-president Clinton.

Little Rock is the second fastest city in economic growth rate in America, which provides chances for its own development. The soil in Little Rock is rich, so its agriculture is developed. It is an important area of grain production. As an important industrial city in the central part, Little Rock has more than 500 large-sized and medium-sized companies and over 30 large factories, among which a few world's famous companies and enterprises can be found. Little Rock is also known for its foodstuff, home appliances, chemical industry, and equipment of electronics and production of traffic tools. As a communication center, the communications, construction and administration of traffic are all superior. There are five universities in Little Rock, including Little Rock University and Arkansas University.

In June 1994, Changchun and Little Rock became sister cities. Since then, the two cities have had cooperation in areas like economy, trade, technology, culture and so on and achieved satisfactory results.

Great Event:

- On June 22nd, 1994, Mr. Mi Fengjun, mayor of Changchun, signed an agreement on setting up friendly cities with Jim Daly, mayor of Little Rock.

- In August 1994, a delegation from Little Rock attended the 2nd Changchun Film Festival.

- In May 1995, Changchun acrobatic troupe attended a Musical Festival at the invitation of Little Rock.

- In July 1995, Mr. Roberts, President of the Committee of Little Rock, sister city of Changchun, and vice general manager of BET Company, visited Changchun. The two cities made a plan for cooperation in 1996 and discussed matters of joint investment and production.

- In August, 1996, Dr. Davy Miller, a member of the committee of Little Rock led a delegation to attend the 3rd Changchun Film Festival and some other activities of economy and trade in Changchun.

- In June 1997, Mr. Yi Wenshuan, vice mayor of Changchun, led a delegation to Little Rock and talked about further cooperation.

- In June 1997, Mr. Xu Dan and Mr. Xiao Yuqiang of Changchun Industrial and Commercial Bank were sent to be trained for a period of six months to the First Commercial Bank in Little Rock.

- In July 1997, an annual meeting of 1999 was held in Little Rock by American Committee of International Sister Cities. Changchun organized over 60 artists to take part in the Art Week of Sister Cities with more than 90 paintings.

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