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Masterton(New Zealand)
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Masterston Introduction – Masterston is in the south of the northern island in New Zealand. It is about 90 kilometers away from the Capital Wellington. Its population is 25,000. It has attractive scenery and pleasant climate. The main local industries are forestry, animal husbandry, dairy refinery and leather refinery.

Great Event

- In October 1993, Bob Francis, mayor of Masterton, led a delegation to visit Changchun and signed cooperation agreements, with Changchun Foreign Languages School, Wool and Textile Plant and Institute of Farming and Science respectively.

- In May 1995, Mr. Wang Yunkun, secretary-general of Changchun, visited Masterston. The two cities signed an agreement on establishing sister-city relations.

- In August 1996, Mr. Gaven M, vice mayor of Masterton and President of International Relations Committee, led a delegation to attend the 3rd Changchun Film Festival.

- In 1996, Masterton and Changchun Foreign Languages School signed an agreement on the exchange of students and teachers between Welalaba Public Vocational Institute of Masterton, New Zealand and Foreign Languages School of Changchun, China in 1997.

- In April 1997, the agreement on the exchange of students and teachers was put into practice.

- In September 1997, Mr. Zhang Mingyuan, director of Municipal People's Congress, visited Masterton and signed a plan for the friendly contact between the two cities from 1998to 1999.

- In November 1999, Mr. Zhang Xuming, President of Changchun Political Consultative Committee, visited Masterton and signed a plan for the contact from 2000 to 2001.

- In August 2000, Ms. Marilyn D, an official of international affairs in Masterton, visited Changchun. When she was back to Masterton, she wrote many articles about Changchun.

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