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Ulan-ude Introduction – Ulan-ude is the capital of Blayat Autonomous Republic of Russia. It is in East Siberia of Russia and southeast of Lake Balkan with a population of about 400,000. The main nationalities are Russian, Blayatian and Mongolian.

Ulan-ude is the main industrial enterprises are large locomotives, automobile repairs, large glassworks and airplane-manufacturing. Main municipal industries are agriculture, forestry, metal refinery; light industry, food refinery, fur, leather, construction materials and electronic equipment are also developed. Forest and mineral resources are rich. Educational facilities are complete. There are pubic universities, secondary vocational schools and all kinds of primary and middle schools.

The Natural Museum of Humanities is famous in All Russian countries. Its traffic is convenient. There are airports and airlines connecting home and abroad. Changchun and Ulanude contacted with each other at the beginning of the 1990s. The two cities have made extensive cooperation and communication in economy, trade, culture and education for many years. This contact was highly thought of by the governments of the two countries in 1996. In the same year, Barvier, vice mayor of Ulanude, led a delegation to Changchun at the invitation of the Organizing Committee of Changchun Film Festival. He discussed matters of economy, trade and culture and finally came to an agreement with his counterparts. On June 1998, Chen Xiaoguang, vice mayor of Changchun, visited Ulanude, conferred with the first vice mayor and signed up an agreement on becoming sister cities. On September 27th, 2000, the two cities were present at the International Conference of Sister Cities held in Beijing

International Conference Center, and signed an agreement of establishing sister-city relations. All this ends the history of Changchun's lack of sister cities in the capital cities along the Russian border.From now on, the two cities will communicate and coordinate in important events and cooperative needs according to their own economic and social characteristics of development so as to promote mutual understandings and friendship between the people of the two cities, strengthen cooperation in certain areas and make contributions to the development of the two cities.

Great Event:

- In 1996, Bavier, vice mayor of Ulanude, visited Changchun.

- In September 1996, Researchers were dispatched from Changchun Science Association and Blayat University to study. In January 1997, Changchun working group in Europe and Asia visited Ulanude. In May 1997,a delegation of economy and trade from Ulanude visited Changchun.

- In November 1997, a delegation of economy from Ulanude visited Changchun and signed an agreement on establishing joint ventures.

- In April 1998, Changchun working group in Russia visited Ulanude.

On September 27, 2000, Changchun and Ulanude signed an agreement of establishing sister-city relations in Beijing.

- In June 2001, Minister of the Department of Foreign Economy from Blayat visited Changchun and signed an agreement of cooperation with Changchun Weiya Tractors Company Ltd.

- In September 2001, vice minister of the Department of Economic Development from Ulanude led a delegation to visit Changchun.

- In March 2002, Changchun Women Basketball Team went to Ulanude to take part in Women Basketball Match of international friendly cities.

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