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Chongjin Introduction - Chongjin the capital city of Ham Kyung Puk Do of the DPRK, locates in the northeast Korean Peninsula and it's an ice-free seaport on the Sea of Japan with a population of 600,000 people and covers an area of 16,000 square kilometres.

Chongjin was approved as the city directly under the central government in 1960 and set under control as the capital of Ham Kyung Puk Do Province in 1985. The city is composed of 7 districts. The terrain here runs tallness and the average altitude of 693m above sea level. Chongjin enjoys a clear climate with an average temperature of 6.5 Celsius degree and annual rainfall of 500 – 700 millimetres. Its average temperature in January is -6.5 to -9.5 Celsius degree, and 19 to 20 in July. It has four clear, comfortable and pleasant seasons.

The city owns an advanced educational system and fulfilled 11-year compulsory education. The Marine College, Agricultural University, Industrial University are located here. It has more than 300 primary schools.

Chongjin possesses a superior geography and convenient transport net. There are railroad and highway connected to Pyongyang, China and Russia. It holds very important geographical position on the way from North Korea to Europe and Asia. It is also a pretty good seaport of DPRK; there are two seaports locate in the eastern and western part of the city. It has berths above 10,000 tons berthing capacity and has annual berthing capacity of 8 million tons.

Chongjin is an important industrial city of the country. The iron and steel industry, and ship manufacturing industry are concentrated here.

Chongjin is also a noted for its seafood output. The agriculture is in the condition of underdevelopment because lacking of the farmland. The main crops here are sugar beet and tobacco.

Great Events:

- In January 2002, Changchun and Chongjin started the friendship exchanges with the help of Consulate-general of the People's Republic of China in Chongjin, DPRK and Consulate-general of the DPRK in Shenyang.

- In October 14 to 17, 2002, at the reception of the People's Congress Chongjin Committee of the DPRK, the delegation led by Mr. Zhu Yejing, standing vice mayor of Changchun and vice secretary of the CPC Changchun Committee, paid a friendship visit to the Chongjin city. During the visit, the delegation met with Mr. Yeon Beong Ju, vice secretary of the People's Congress Chongjin Committee of the DPRK. They made deep discussion on concerning with the issues of further conducting exchanges in various fields, and they reached consensus to establish sister city's relationship between two cities.

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