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People's livelihood
2015/07/16     Source:

Over the thirty years since the reform and opening up, the province has witnessed the obvious rise in incomes and consumer spending of urban and rural residents. People's living standard has been improved remarkably. In 2013, the province's per capita disposable income of urban residents reached RMB 22,274.6, growing 10.2% over the previous year; per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents reached RMB 15,932.3, growing 9.0%. Per capita net income of rural residents hit RMB 9,621.2, growing 11.9%; per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents reached RMB 7,379.7, growing 19.3%. The urban Engel coefficient was 29.2% and the rural Engel coefficient was 33.0%. More jobs are created, social security system is improved constantly and the universal coverage is achieved in the system of "new rural social endowment insurance for rural residents" and "basic endowment insurance for the urban working group".

(Updated to July 16, 2015)

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