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Jilin Province is an important commodity grain production base in China, with advantageous conditions for agricultural production. The central part of Jilin Province is located in the world famous "golden corn belt" with flat terrain and fertile soil, and its grain production has an important position in the country.  

Since the reform and opening up, Jilin has achieved a sustained development in modern agricultural construction and the overall efficiency of agriculture has been improved significantly. Its grain production capacity has reached a new stage of 65 billion jin (or 32.5 million kg). In 2013, grain production hit 71.02 billion jin (or 35.51 billion kg), ranking the fourth in the country. The per unit area yield of grain ranked the first in the country. Over the years, the province has ranked the first nationwide by the commodity rate of grains, per capita possession of grains and per capita procession of meat. Jilin Province is also an emerging animal husbandry base as animal husbandry output value has accounted for over 40% of total agricultural output value.  

Since the advent of the new century, the agricultural product processing industry develops rapidly and becomes a new pillar industry in Jilin Province. In 2013, the sales income hit 402.8 billion Yuan, up 13.6%. There are 47 national leading enterprises and 451 provincial leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization currently. Changchun Dacheng Group is the world's third largest integrated corn processing enterprise and ranks first in the world by lysine output. Haoyue Company is Asia's largest beef processing company with annual processing capacity of one million cows and its products are exported to 21 countries and regions. Jinyi Egg Products is China's largest egg processing enterprise with annual processing capacity of 35,000 tons of free egg and its products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. Zhengfang Company is China's largest foie gras production enterprise with annual processing capacity of 1,000 tons of foie gras and its products are exported countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Six enterprises including Haoyue, Deda and Huazheng are honored the Chinese Well-known Trademark.  

A construction project of increasing annual production capacity of 5 billion-kg commodity grains  

The construction project of increasing annual production capacity of 5 billion-kg commodity grains is the first provincial plan to increase grain production approved by the State Council in July 2008 and also constitutes an integral part of the national's overall plan for production capacity rise of 5 billion-kg. This plan included 29 construction works, such as, diversion works, construction & transformation works of irrigation districts, land protection works in the central part and land arrangement works in the west, standard fields construction, R&D and generalization of improved varieties, whole-process agricultural mechanization works, development works of aerial cloud water resources, integration and generalization works of production technologies, preventive works against diseases, pests and rodents, and "ten works" for ecological protection. The period of construction was from 2008 to 2012. This plan effectively promoted and enhanced Jilin's comprehensive capacity of grain production. During the period of "Eleventh Five-year Plan", the province's average grain yield hiked to 53.26 billion jin, growing 7.19 billion jin over the period of "Tenth Five-year Plan". In 2011, the province's grain yield numbered 63.42 billion jin. The planning objective was achieved one year ahead of schedule.

(Updated to July 16, 2015)
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