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Centralized on Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, road and railway network connects to all major cities in the province and attains a coverage to all large and medium-sized cities in China, which basically forms a modern three-dimensional transport network extending in all directions and to be quick and convenient.  

Road     Total road mileage hits 94,200 km, including 86,700 km or 92% standard highways. Among the province's total road mileage, there are expressways of 2,326 km. Expressways of eight cities and prefectures in the province are opened to traffic. 25 of 40 counties and county-level cities have expressways available.  

Railway    Centralized on Changchun, Jilin Province's main artery of railways extends in all directions, including Changda, Changha, Changtu and Changbai railways. As of the end of 2013, the province's railway operating mileage hit 4,222 kilometers.  

Chang (Changchun) Ji (Jilin) High-speed Rail - the northeastern first high-speed intercity rail, was opened to traffic officially on December 30, 2010, with total length of 96 kilometers and gross investment of RMB 8.6 billion. The completion of Chang Ji Intercity Rail crowned itself to be the first high-speed rail in Jilin Province, and marked that Jilin Province stepped into a new era of high-speed rail.  

Hada (Harbin-Dalian) High-speed Railway - the world's first high-speed railway operating in extremely cold areas was opened officially on December 1, 2012. Hada High-speed Railway is an important part of Jingha High-speed Railway in China's "four-vertical and four-horizontal" high-speed railway network, running through Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province. With 23 stations, the railway has realized the objective of "intercity transportation in Northeast China".  

Civil Aviation    Jilin Province has an aviation network directing to its surrounding countries and regions, with Changchun Longjia International Airport as its center and Jilin, Yanji and Changbaishan airports as its main lines. More than 40 aviation routes are open to more than 30 cities at home and abroad. The construction of second phase project of Changchun Longjia International Airport was commenced. In August 2008, Changbaishan Airport - China's first forest tourism airport was completed and opened. In June 2014, Jilin Tonghua Airport was completed and put into use officially. Since then, airport pattern of "one major airport, multiple auxiliary airports" is emerging in Jilin Province.  

In 2013, China Airport Construction Group completed flight transport for 69,500 flights and passenger throughput of 8.164 million person times. In July 2014, the international passenger routes "Changchun, China - Yanji - Huichun - Vladivostok, Russia" resumed its operation.

(Updated to July 16, 2015) 

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