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Economic Development
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Revitalized Economy of Jilin  

Comprehensive Economic Strength  

Since the reform and opening-up, especially that the CPC Central Committee implemented the strategy of reviving the old industrial bases in the Northeast and other regions in October 2003, Jilin held fast the important historic opportunity to vigorously break through the deep-seated contradictions in systems, mechanisms and structures by adhering to the principle of scientific development, deepening reforms, considerable innovation and strenuous enterprising, and make full efforts to emphasize the work in fortification storming for the state-owned enterprise reform, investment stimulation, opening to the outside world, reinforcing county rights for its prosperity, soaring economic development of private sectors and leapfrog development of service industry. Consequently, the province witnessed fast economic development, enlarged total quantity, remarkable enhancement in comprehensive strength, all-round social progress and obvious improvements in livelihood. The old industrial base is now full of vigor and vitality. From 2004 to 2013, the province's gross economic magnitude successively soared to RMB 300 billion, RMB 400 billion, RMB 500 billion, RMB 600 billion, RMB 700 billion, RMB 800 billion and then RMB 1 trillion in 2011, realizing the development by leaps and bounds. In 2013, this figure reached RMB 1.29815 trillion, up 8.3%, or representing an annual average growth rate of 13.29%; local financial revenue topped RMB100 billion and the ratio of the three sectors was 11.6:52.8:35.6.

(Updated to July 19, 2015)

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