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1. Overview of Prefecture

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture is located in the east of Jilin Province, at the foot of Changbai Mountain, at the bank of Tumen River, and at the interchange of China, North Korea, and Russia. It is known as “Northeast Asian Golden Triangle”, is a major habitation for Korean ethnic groups. The total populations are 2.18 million, including 810,000 or 37% Korean people. The territory area is 427,000 square kilometers. Six cities Yanji, Tumen, Longjing, Hunchun, Helong, and Dunhua and two counties Antu and Wangqing are under the jurisdiction of the autonomous prefecture.

   2. Tourism Supply

There are a total of 37 star hotels in the autonomous prefecture (one five-star hotel, four four-star hotels, 18 three-star hotels, and 12 two-star hotels) and 108 travel agencies. Local resources are abundant and there are many specialty varieties, including 800 kinds of wild medicinal plants and 250 kinds of wild economic animals, which are famous for nature, eco, and preciousness. There are a lot of Korean foods with special flavor, of which cold noodles, dog meat, barbecue, pickles are four categories widely acclaimed by people. Besides, rice cakes, stone-grilled rice, and bibimbap also are warmly welcomed.

3. Official Website

People’s Government of Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture:


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