Folk custom

Korean ethnic group 
Jilin province is the main settlement of the Korean ethnic group which has its own language, as well as the fine quality of being hard-working, strong and brave. The Korean ethnic residents prefer to wear plain white clothes, pay attention to etiquette, respect the old and cherish the young and are good at singing and dancing.
Manchu ethnic group
Jilin Province is one of the birthplaces of Manchu. The Manchu ethnic group has its own language. Qipao has become a traditional Chinese dress. The traditional rites, sacrifices, marriage and burial customs of Manchu still affect many areas. Manchu food is unique, and the Man-Han banquet is well-known.
Mongolian ethnic group
The Mongolian ethnic group has its own language and can sing and dance well. During traditional Mongolian festivals and anniversaries of the founding of autonomous counties and ethnic townships, the Nadam (entertainment) Fair will be held with ethnic sports activities such as horse racing, Buzkashi game and wrestling, as well as singing and dancing performances.