Forest Reserves


As one of the key forestry provinces in China, Jilin is rich in forest resources. The total area of forestry land amounts to 9.376 million hectares, of which 8.22 million hectares is timberland. The total living wood growing stock is 98.81 million cubic meters, and the forest coverage rate is 44.2%. Changbai Mountain, known as "Changbai Forest Sea", is one of the six largest forest areas in China, where are growing various species of trees, such as Korean pine, oaks, northeast China ash and golden cypress. Changbai Pine, a rare species of Pinus sylvestris peculiar to Changbai Mountains, is referred to as "Beauty Pine" for its tall trunk, bright bark and charming figure. It has been included in the List of Wild Plants under State Protection released by the State Council in 1999.