Land Resources


Jilin Province is located on one of the world-famous black soil belts. The average content of soil organic matter in the surface layer is 3%-6%, and in some areas the content is as much as 15%. Cultivated land covers 7.03 million hectares, accounting for 37% of the total area of the province, ranking fifth in China. Black soil covers about 1.1 million hectares, of which the cultivated land is about 832,000 hectares, accounting for 15.6% of the type in the province, and producing more than half of grains of Jilin province. Land of Jilin Province accounts for about 2% of the total of China, cultivated land about 4.4% of the national total, and basic farmland about 4.4% of the country’s total. The protection rate of basic farmland is 86.9%, which is basically the same as that of major grain-producing provinces. Per capita arable land is 3.05 mu, more than twice the national average, roughly equivalent to the world average.