Situated in the east of the mid-latitude Eurasian continent, Jilin Province enjoys a typical temperate continental monsoon climate, with clear distinction of four seasons and coincidence of hot weather with rainy season. Dry and windy spring, warm and rainy summer, cool and pleasant autumn, and cold and long winter, are all climatic characteristics expected to be experienced in Jilin Province. From southeast to northwest, from humid climate to semi-humid climate and then to semi-arid climate, there are obvious seasonal variations and regional differences in temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and meteorological disasters in the whole province. The average annual temperature ranges from 2 to 6 degrees, with mountainous areas seeing lower temperature and plains higher temperature.


The average temperature in winter is lower than minus 11 degrees Celsius. In summer, the average temperature in the plains is above 23 degrees Celsius. The annual range of temperature across the province is 35-42 degrees Celsius, and the daily range is 10-14 degrees Celsius. The annual frost-free period lasts generally 100 to 160 days. The average annual sunshine hours across the province range from 2259 to 3016 hours. The average annual precipitation of 400-600 mm shows significant seasonal and regional differences, with 80% in summer and the largest amount in the eastern part. In normal years, light, heat and water conditions can meet the needs of crop growth.