The territory of Jilin Province is characterized by the rich diversity of landforms. High in southeast and low in northwest, the terrain demonstrates a general slope from southeast to northwest. With Dahei Mountain in the middle as a boundary, two major geomorphic regions dominate the topography of Jilin Province, i.e. the eastern mountainous areas and the central and western plain areas. The eastern mountainous areas consist of middle and low-mountain zone of Changbai Mountain, and low hilly regions, while the central and western plain areas are composed of terrace plain areas in the middle and meadows, lakes, wetlands and sand areas in the west. Volcanic landforms, erosional and denudational landforms, alluvial and diluvial landforms, and alluvial plains are topographic features mostly commonly seen in Jilin Province. The main mountain ranges are Dahei, Zhangguangcailing, Jilin-Hadaling, Laoling, Mudanling and so on. Two major plains are Songnen and Liaohe . 36% of the total area is covered with mountains, 30% with plains, 28.2% with terraces and the like, and the rest with hills.