Baicheng: Taobei District, Taonan City, Daan City, Zhenlai County and Tongyu County


City Overview


Baicheng City, situated at the interchange of Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is in the northeast of Jilin Province, west of Nenjiang Plain, and east of Horqin Grassland. It is one of major hubs of the fourth Eurasian Continental Bridge designed and planned by The United Nations Development Programme.


The territory area is 26,000 square kilometers. There are five counties (cities and districts) under its jurisdiction, such as Taonan City, Da’an City, Zhenlai County, Tongyu County, Taobei District. There are 29 ethnic groups living here, including Han ethnic group, Mongolian ethnic group, Hui ethnic group, Korean ethnic group, and Xibe ethnic minority group. The populations are 2.029 million. Baicheng has advantageous geographic location and developed and convenient traffic, where Changchun-Baicheng, Baicheng-Qiqihar, and Hunchun-Ulan Hot highways run through. Railways reach in all directions. Siping-Qiqihar and Tongliao-Ranghulu railways run through from north to south, and Changchun-Baicheng Railway stretches across from east to west. Da’an Harbor, the largest river port in the province, can get direct access to the Russian Khabarovsk River Port along the Nenjiang River.


Tourism Supply


There are 12 star hotels in the city (one four-star hotel and three three-star hotels) and 15 travel agencies.