Songyuan City


Songyuan City: Ningjiang District, Fuyu City, Qianguoerros Mongolian Autonomous County, Changling County, Qian'an County


City Overview


Songyuan City is located in central west of Jilin Province, at south end of Songnen Plain, and at bank of beautiful Songhua River. Songyuan is an emerging petrochemical city and a young tourist city, covering a territory area of 22,000 square kilometers. The total populations are 2.88 million. Fuyu County, Former Gorlos Mongolian Autonomous County, Changling County, QIan’an County, Ningjiang District, and three provincial development zones, Songyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Songyuan Agricultural High-tech Development Zone, and Chagan Lake Tourist Economic Development Zone, are under the jurisdiction of Songyuan.


Tourism Supply


There are a total of nine star hotels in the city currently (one quasi-five-star hotel, two four-star hotels, five three-star hotels, and one two-star hotel) and 30 travel agencies (three international travel agencies). Here are rich tourism products. Main native products include Chagan Lake air-dried beef jerky, Hada Mountain series white spirit, Mongolian and Manchu national costumes, various horse head string instruments, and Chagan Lake fish bone paintings.