Baishan City


Baishan City: Hunjiang District, Jiangyuan District, Linjiang City, Fusong County, Jingyu County, Changbai Korean Autonomous County


City Overview


Baishan City is located in southeast of Jilin Province and at the hinterland of Changbai Mountain, one of top ten famous mountains in China. The city, merely 160 kilometers away from the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, is the largest prefecture-level central tourism city nearest to Changbai Mountain. Therefore, Baishan also is known as “the first city in Changbai Mountain”. The city faces South Korea across the Yalu River. The border is 458.1 kilometers long. There are six counties (cities and districts) under the jurisdiction of Baishan, such as Hunjiang District, Jiangyuan District, Linjiang City, Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Fusong County, and Jingyu County. The territory area is 17,485 square kilometers. The populations are 1.329 million, covering 37 ethnic groups such as Han ethnic group, Korea ethnic group, Manchu ethnic group, Hui ethnic group, and Mongolian ethnic group.


Tourism Supply


There are 31 star hotels and 40 travel agencies (one international travel agency). Characteristic tourism goods include black pottery, Songhua inkstone, wine, linden honey, monkey head fungus, agaric, fiddlehead, Schisandra chinensis, marten, pilose deer horn, and ginseng. The catering varieties are complete and the characteristic dishes include Venison Soup with Three Delicacies and Jade Ginseng Moutai Chicken.