Tonghua City


Tonghua City: Dongchang District, Erdaojiang District, Meihekou City, Ji'an City, Tonghua County, Huinan County, Liuhe County


City Overview


Tonghua City, located in Changbai Mountain Area, southeast of Jilin Province, is adjacent to Baishan City in east, Fushun City and Benxi City in Liaoning Province in west, Liaoyuan City and Jilin City in east, and Dandong City in south. Tonghua faces South Korea across rivers and covers a territory area of 15,195 square kilometers, with Meihekou and Ji’an cities, Huinan, Liuhe, and Tonghua counties, and Dongchang and Erdaojiang districts under the jurisdiction. Tonghua is a key node of the east boarder and coastal economic development and opening zone in Northeast China, a central city in southeast of Jilin Province, and a tourist distribution center. Tonghua, known as “three cities” and “six counties”, have advantaged resources. The city is titled “three-dimensional resource treasure house” because the local ecological environment is good and forest coverage reaches 62.9%. It is one of two gateways to China’s top ten famous mountains - Changbai Mountain, and awarded to be “China’s top 100 competitive tourism cities”, “China top ten cities suitable to tourism”, and “2010 China happiest city”.


Tourism Supply


There are 13 above Grade A tourist attractions, including six national forest parks and four industrial tourism demonstration sites, 27 star hotels (six four-star hotels, 10 three-star hotels, and 11 two-star hotels), and 35 travel agencies.

Tonghua City has a wide range of tourism products, of which Songhua jade and related products, ginseng tonic products, Changbai Mountain green native products, Manchu paper-cutting crafts, and Tonghua wine are those with prominent local features.

Tonghua food is typical Jilin-style dishes that are green and healthy concept dishes cooked with specialty ingredients in Jilin and unique cooking techniques. With the vigorous development of tourism,the city’s tourism service system will become maturing, tourism and entertainment facilities will be more complete, and performances will be unusually brilliant.