Liaoyuan City


Liaoyuan City: Longshan District, Xi'an District, Dongfeng County and Dongliao County


City Overview


Liaoyuan City is located in central south of Jilin Province and the transition zone between Changbai Mountain Branch Range and Songliao Plain. Liaoyuan covers a territory area of 5,123 square kilometers, including urban area 206 square kilometers and with Dongfeng County, Dongliao Country, Longshan District, and Xi’an District under the jurisdiction. The total populations are 1.3 million.


Liaoyuan is more developed in industrial economy, where representative pillar industries including coal, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive parts, new materials, health food industry, and agricultural by-products processing industry are emerging. Now, there are three listed companies, 16 large-sized enterprise groups with output value of over RMB 100 million each, and over 200 above province-level branded products in the city. The city’s infrastructure is better and water and power resources are sufficient. Plus well-developed railway and highway transportation and communication networks, the urban functions are becoming more complete. Liaoyuan City is known as "hometown of Chinese farmer paintings", “hometown of Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance”, and “hometown of Chinese Pipa”. Northeast China’s local program Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance, farmer paintings in Dongfeng County and farmer paper cutting art in Dongliao County are well-known across the nation.