Jilin City

2019-12-23    JL.gov

Jilin City: Changyi District, Longtan District, Chuanying District, Fengman District, Jiaohe City, Huadian City, Shulan City, Panshi City, Yongji County


City Overview


Jilin City, the only city with the same name as the province in China, is a China excellent tourism city, a well-known state historical and cultural city, a state garden city, and a China charm city. In 2005, it was elected to be the most suitable city for investments in Mainland China by the world's famous financial magazine "Forbes "; in 2007, it was appraised to be one of first wave of Chinese well-known cities most worth introduction to the world by CCTV; in 2009, it was selected to be China’s top ten characteristic leisure tourism cities; in 2010, it was elected to be China’s top ten leisure cities. The city covers a territory area of 27,120 square kilometers. Four districts Chuanying, Changyi, Longtan, and Fengman, four prefecture-level cities Shulan, Panshi, Jiaohe, and Huadian, Yongji County, a national high-tech industrial development zone, and 11 provincial development zones are under the jurisdiction of Jilin. The populations are 4.51 million, including 200 million urban populations and covering 35 ethnic groups such as Han ethnic group, Manchu ethnic group, Korea ethnic group, and Hui ethnic group.


Tourism Supply


There are a total of 15 above Grade-A tourist attractions in the city (four Grade AAAA tourist attractions, one Grade AAA tourist attraction, and ten Grade AA tourist attractions), 27 star hotels (one five-star hotel, five four-star hotels, ten three-star hotels, and 11 two-star hotels), and 94 travel agencies (two international travel agencies).


Besides main native products “three treasures in Northeast China” (ginseng, pilose deer horn, and marten), there are glossy ganoderma, russian boschnai aki herb, matsutske, monkey head fungus, beargall powder, frog oil, and Roseroot in the city, which are warmly favored by tourists at home and abroad. Jilin also is abound in natural delicacies, such as agaric, fiddlehead, Osmund, Hohenbuehelia serotina, mellea armillaria sporophore, Pleurotus citrinipileatus Sing, pine nuts, and  hickory nuts. Local crafts mainly include Songhua Lake wave wood root carving, Songhua River rare rocks, and Manchu paper cutting.


The most characteristic dish in the city is Jilin-style dishes, including representative dishes, Songhua Lake Fish Feast, Kanto Farm Dinner, Manchu traditional food, and Korean traditional food. Prestigious dining places include Songhua Lake Fish Restaurant, Qingling fresh fish street, and a wave of Manchu and Korean style restaurants scattering in the city.


The most characteristic program is Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance with a humorous, relaxed, and cheerful style and possessing the most North China features. Liu Laogen Grand Stage and Jiangcheng Theater are main concourses to performance the program Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance. Large-sized square cultural activities include Manchu, Korean song and dance performances, Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance, concerts, and Northeast Yangko that reflects local characteristics of Northeast China.