Glorious Revolutionary Tradition


Strong and brave Jilin people had the glorious revolutionary traditions for the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle. Facing barbarian invasion of Russian and Japanese colonialists and imperialists, Jilin people were compelled to resist tenaciously and fully demonstrated the unyielding and positive fighting spirit of the Chinese nation. In particular, Jilin people rose to resist Japan militantly and fought hard against enemies during the war of fighting against Japanese imperialist aggression. From the rise of anti-Japanese volunteers like Wang Delin, Tang Juwu and Wang Fengge at the early stage of occupation to the bloodshed fierce battle of the First Route Anti-Japanese Amalgamated Army under the leadership of Yang Jingyu, Wei Zhengmin and Wang Detai, Jilin people composed numerous grand patriotism canticles with their blood and lives.