Fejér, Hungary


May 15, 1995

Jilin Province and Fejér County established a friendly relationship


Fejér is located in the central part of Hungary and the hilly land of northeastern Lake Balaton. The area is 4,359 square kilometers with 60 kilometers wide from east to west and 100 kilometers long from south to north. The population is 430,000 with a population density of 96 people/km². The north part is mountainous area and the south part is plain with fertile land. The county has jurisdiction over 2 cities, 10 towns and 108 townships. Székesfehérvár is the capital city with a population of 120,000.

[Resources and Industries]

Fejér is an important industrial base in Hungary with the largest aluminum smelter and car assembly plant in Europe. Aluminium ore production accounts for 40% of Hungary's total. Videoton is an important electronic enterprise in Hungary, which produces communication equipment and electronic interference equipment with an annual output of 400,000 sets of TV sets. In addition, there are coal mines, iron and steel enterprises, housing prefabrication factories, leather factories, shoe factories, textile factories, clothing factories, sugar factories, breweries and pottery factories.

Agriculture is very developed with main crops such as corn, wheat, barley, sugar beets, potatoes, sunflowers. Animal husbandry is dominated by cattle and pigs. There are many orchards lie along the Danube River and other watercourses.