August 28, 2002

Jilin Province and Sakarya Province established a friendly relationship


Sakarya Province is located on the coast of Black Sea of northwestern Turkey and in Marmara region.The area is 4,821 square kilometers with a population of 990,000 (2017). The province has jurisdiction over 16 administrative area. The capital city, Sakarya, is one of the fast-growing cities in Turkey and attracts a large number of Turkish domestic immigrants. Sakarya is an important transportation node, which is 141 km away from Istanbul and 436 km away from Ankara. 

[Resources and Industries]

Sakarya Province is rich in tourism resources with natural landscapes such as oceans, lakes, rivers, plateaus, hot springs, and a large number of historical sites of Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. The province is an important agricultural region in Turkey, which provides wheat, tobacco, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products to Istanbul. The industry mainly produces beet sugar, agricultural tools, railway equipment, carpets, silk fabrics, linen textiles, tobacco, etc.