Tottori Prefecture, Japan


November 26, 2017

Jilin Province and Tottori Prefecture established a friendly relationship





Tottori Prefecture is located in the northwestern Honshu Island of Japan which has jurisdiction over 4 cities, 14 towns and 1 village. The area is 3,507 square kilometers with a population of 570,000 (2018). The Prefectural Office is Tottori City with a population of 150,000. Tottori Prefecture has the Sea of Japan climate with four distinct seasons. Winter is rainy and snowy and summer is rainy with high temperature. The annual average temperature is 14.8 ℃ and the annual average precipitation is 1905.6 mm. The transportation is relatively convenient. Besides the developed railways and highways connecting to neighboring counties, the Tottori Airport and Yonago Airport can directly reach Tokyo and extend to all parts of the world.


[Resources and Industry]

The GDP of Tottori Prefecture is about 1,888 billion yen (about 113.2 billion yuan), which the primary industry accounts for 2.3%, the secondary industry accounts for 21.4%, the tertiary industry accounts for 79.3%. The annual per capita income is 2.3 million yen (about 140,000 yuan). The main industries include electrical machinery, food, pulp, paper and metal products. There are 1,711 industrial enterprises with 53,852 employees. The annual industrial sales volume is 1,160 billion yen (about 70 billion yuan). Among them, electrical appliances, food and papermaking account for 92% of the GDP, especially the electrical industry, which has been rapidly developed in recent years accounting for 44% of the total manufacturing industry.


The prefecture is adjacent to the Sea of Japan with 18 fishing ports. The annual fishing volume is 224,000 tons with an output value of 19.77 billion yen (about 1.2 billion yuan). The prefecture has the largest fishing base on the Sea of Japan coast-Sakai Fishing Port.