Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

2019-12-12    JL.gov

June 1, 1987

Jilin Province and Miyagi Prefecture established a friendly relationship


Miyagi Prefecture is located in the center of northeast Japan, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east, ōu Mountains and Yamagata Prefecture to the west, Fukushima Prefecture to the south, and Akita Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture to the north. In the prefecture, there are Abukuma River in the south, Kitakami River in the east, Mount Kurikoma, Mount Funagata and Mount Zaō in the west, and Sendai Plain in the center. The area is 7,282.22 square kilometers with a population of 2,316 million (2018). Miyagi Prefecture is the center of politics, culture and economy in northeastern Japan with abundant products and beautiful scenery. The Prefectural Office is located in Sendai City.


[Resources and Industry]

Agriculture: Miyagi Prefecture is an important base of high-quality rice, vegetables, animal husbandry products, and the origin of Japanese famous rice brands, “SASANISIKI” and “HITOMEBORE”.In order to adapt to the changes of production and circulation at home and abroad, Miyagi Prefecture strives to create a "self-supporting agriculture". Therefore, the prefecture carried out the development of local and special products, effectively used bioengineering and new technology, implemented the high level of production base and agricultural management information network, and adopted various support policies for farmers.


Forestry: The forest area accounts for 57% of the area of Miyagi Prefecture. The prefecture makes full use of rich forest resources to vigorously promote the production of "Excellent Miyagi Wood".


Aquaculture: Kesennuma Port is one of the largest aquatic ports in Japan, because of closing to "Sanriku Fishing Ground", which is one of the three largest fishing grounds in the world, it has abundant aquatic resources such as oysters, shark fins, tuna and gadus which are famous in Japan.


Industry: Material industries such as steel and pulp are developed in the coastal areas, and processing and assembly industries such as electric mechanical processing are developed in the inland areas. Motor and electronic components, automobile related, food processing are the three core industries of the prefecture.


Business: Sendai is the largest business center in northeastern Japan.


Trade: Sendai International Trade Port has regular routes to North America, China, South Korea and Russia, and domestic routes to Tokyo and Yokohama. Sendai Airport has regular routes to South Korea, China and Taiwan, and reach major cities in Asia and North America through Seoul.