Tow Province, Mongolia


May 25, 2018

Jilin Province and Tow Province established a friendly relationship


Tow Province was formerly known as Bogd Khan Uul Province, founded in 1923 and changed to its current name in 1931. The province is located in the central part of Mongolia, and bordered by Selenge Province to the north, Khentii Province to the east, and Dundgovi,Ovorkrhangay and Bulgan Provinces to the southwest and south. It surrounds the national capital Ulaanbaatar. The area is 74,800 square kilometers with a population of 113,000. The province has a temperate continental climate with an average temperature of - 21 ℃ in January and 21 ℃ in July. Tow Province has jurisdiction over 1 city and 26 counties. The provincial capital, Zuunmod City, is 45 kilometers away from Ulaanbaatar.


[Resources and Industry]

Agriculture and animal husbandry are the pillar industries of the Tow Province with a high degree of intensification and main function of meeting the needs of the capital city’s development. In 2016, the agricultural cultivated area of the province reached 237,700 hectares with harvesting 85,000 tons of grain, 6,900 tons of potatoes and vegetables, and nearly 4.7 million livestock. Each year, the province provides 5000-6000 tons of vegetables and thousands of tons of fresh milk and dairy products to the capital.


Industrial enterprises mainly include food processing factory, meat product processing factory, milk product processing factory, feed factory, machinery maintenance factory, carpet factory, ceramic factory, tungsten mining field, tin mining field, asphalt mining field, etc. The national large-scale enterprises include Baganuur coal mine, Zaamar gold factory and Lunge greenstone mine. The natural resources are abundant with the forest coverage rate is 16.4%. The forest is mainly distributed in the branches of Khentii Mountains. Besides coniferous forest and broad-leaved forest, there are many precious medicinal plants growing in the forest, various kinds of wild animals, rivers, lakes and other water resources. The earliest nature reserves in the world, Gün-Galuut Nature Reserve and Bogdkhan Uul Strictly Protected Area are located in the province.


In the province, there are 53 tourist resorts, 12 resorts, 7 sanatoriums, hot springs with medical functions such as Janchivlan, Buuruljuut, Estii, Yestii and Suu and many historic sites. The main tourist attractions are Gorkhi Terelj National Park, Hustai National Park, Genghis Khan Statue Complex and Bogd Khan Mountain National Park. The province is located at the intersection of the railway and highway trunk lines in Mongolia. The new international airport is 10km away from the provincial capital, Zuunmod City, with convenient transportation.