Maine, USA


September 16, 1993

Jilin Province and Maine State established a friendly relationship


Maine is located in the New England region of northeastern United States with dense forests and beautiful scenery. It is bordered by New Hampshire State to the southwest, Canada to the northwest and northeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The area is 79,883 square kilometers with a population of 1.34 million (2018). The landform of the whole state can be divided into low coastal area, interior hilly area, western mountainous area and cutting plateau from southwest to northeast, with an average altitude of about 600 meters. Due to the influence of high altitude and cold and warm Atlantic Ocean currents, the state has three well-defined climatic zones: southern interior zone, coastal zone and northern zone. The average annual temperature ranges from 3 to 4 ℃ in the northern region and 6 to 7 ℃ in the southern interior and coastal regions. The first inhabitants were Indians. Maine has 16 counties with Augusta is the capital city and Portland is the largest city.


Manufacturing industry is the most important industry in Maine. Tourism resources are abundant and tourism related industries are extremely developed. There are many ski resorts in long winter. Shipbuilding industry has traditional advantages and biotechnology industry develops rapidly.