Iasi County, Romania

2019-12-12    JL.gov

August 11, 1994

Jilin Province and Iasi County established a friendly relationship


Iasi County is located in the northeast of Romania, and the eastern part faces to the Republic of Moldova with the Prut River in the middle. The area is 5,476 square kilometers with a population of 817,000, which is the third county of Romania’s population, next to Bucharest and Prahova Counties. It has jurisdiction over 2 cities, 3 towns and 92 townships. Ia?i is the capital city with a population of 290,000.


Iasi County has always been the culture and art center in Romania and even in Eastern Europe. Its long traditional culture has won a reputation of "cradle of Romanian culture". In the 18th century, Romanian intellectuals began to start Romanian schools, publicized national languages, set up publishing and printing institutions and popularized scientific and cultural knowledge to improve the level of national knowledge. Romania's first institution of higher learning, the first national theatre and the first academy of sciences were all born here. The county currently has 12 literary memorials. In the history of world literature, the Romanian romantic poet, Mihai Eminescu, wrote the most important poem in his life here.